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Human Design (HD) Intro Session – 60 minutes ($200)

This is the first step in your HD Journey!

Explore your Human Design chart and discover your personal roadmap for creating your most fulfilling and healthiest life possible.

Benefits from this session:

  • Discover your body’s unique way of sending you messages and guidance
  • See where you have the greatest potential for wisdom
  • See where you are most vulnerable to being influenced by other people’s energy
  • Trust yourself and the decisions you make
Human Design (HD) Inner Guidance – 60 minute session ($150)

You’ve had your HD Intro Session and you’re ready to go deeper.

You now know your HD Type and how your body speaks to you. Just knowing this information isn’t enough. You have to actually live it!

Benefits from this session:

  • Use your body’s messages and guidance to work through what you are currently dealing with in your life (career, relationships, decisions, etc.)
  • Identify blind spots that have been making it challenging to follow your inner guidance
  • Tune into the unique way you are meant to interact with other people that will create less resistance and open more doors

*Human Design Intro Session required before this session

Release Conditioning Series – 3 60-minute sessions ($200/session or $500 package)

Explore each of your 9 Energy Centers and how you are designed to process and understand each type of Energy. We will cover 3 Centers in each 60-minute session.

Benefits of this series are:

  • Stop feeling like you are not enough
  • Stop allowing other people’s expectations, beliefs, opinions, feelings, etc. to prevent you from finding your best path
  • Quiet the mental chatter
  • Understand the healthy vs unhealthy expression of each of your 9 Energy Centers
  • Identify where you have been controlled by external influences
  • Discover how fun life can be when you live the life you were born to live

*Human Design Intro Session required before this series

Your Natural Strengths Session – 60 minutes ($150)

In this session we will dive into your Human Design chart to identify your natural talents and strengths.

Sometimes we have strengths that are hard for us to recognize in ourselves, but that doesn’t mean that those strengths aren’t there.

This information is especially helpful if you have a tendency to focus more on your perceived weaknesses or if you find yourself comparing yourself negatively to other people.

Benefits from this session:

  • Discover your natural strengths (even if you doubt that you have them)
  • Gain insight into finding your best path and becoming who you’re meant to be
  • Feel more confident, successful, satisfied and fulfilled

*Human Design Intro Session required before this session

Your Kid’s Design Session – 30 minutes ($60) per child

In this session we will cover the basics of your kid’s Human Design chart so you can support them in being who they truly are, and avoid the trap of being who they think they have to be.

You love your kids and want to do everything you can to help them be happy, confident, successful, independent people as they grow up. If you’ve ever wished your kid came with a Manual, this session is for you

Benefits from this session:

  • Avoid unintentionally making your kid feel like they need to be something they are not
  • Discover how to best support your kid to trust themselves and the decisions they make
  • Help your kid to develop the ability to make true connections with other people
  • Become your kid’s greatest ally in becoming who they are meant to become

*Human Design Intro Session required before this session

Connection Chart Session – 90 minutes, 2 charts ($200)

In a Connection Chart session we will take your chart and the chart of someone important to you (spouse, family member, business partner, etc.) and see how each person is impacted by the other person’s energy.

The connection chart can show where you are compatible and where you are most likely to experience conflict.

Benefits from this session:

  • Improve your ability to communicate with each other
  • Develop a new level of mutual respect and understanding
  • Discover how to resolve disagreements quickly without judgement or resentment
  • Understand how your energy affects each other and the dynamics change when you are together

*Human Design Intro Session required before this session

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